Saturday, February 27, 2010

Robeez Giveaway at Thrifty Mama B!

Thrifty Mama B

Robeez are my absolute favorite soft soled baby shoes. My son wore them exclusively from birth to walking. They are adorable and addictive. It is hard to own just one pair! Thankfully my family has kept my baby shoe addiction alive. Now with my daughter I have my son's old shoes... who says a girl can't wear frogs or lions?... and she has her own gorgeous pink & girly shoes.

So I had to let you all know about the great giveaway... scratch that! GREAT giveaway over at Thrifty Mama B for a size 6-12 months and again are called Flitty Flight Mary Janes in white. So cute! I need these shoes. Luckily my little girl is currently 6 months old. Perfect! So, ENTER HERE. This giveaway ends 3/10. Good luck.
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