Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cool Opportunity Tutu Good To Miss!

Baby Banz and Simply faBOWlous have come together for a wonderful giveaway opportunity! Have you ever seen these products before? I think it is a combination made in heaven.

Eye protection is very important to my family. My DH researched long & hard to find the perfect product for our first child to use during out outdoor activities. We bought him his first Baby Banz when he was under a year and they went with us skiing as well as on bike rides. Our little guy just loves his ski/bike trailer. They took a little getting used to... He didn't enjoy having things on his face. But, with persistence now at 2 he asks for his sunglasses. I urge you to go take a peak at the products they offer. The sun glass selection has really grown since we purchased his pair. I love all the fashionable options for girls! We also have a full swimsuit from Baby Banz that still fits our rather small 2 year old. We love it!!! I can't say enough wonderful things about that full swimsuit. That is what he wore all summer to protect him from UV exposure when he played at his water table. He has strawberry blond hair & is very fair skinned. Now I have to tell you that I did not receive any products for this review, it is just a brand I believe in and have suggested to friends. The picture is of my son & I out skiing when he was 5 months old sporting his Baby Banz. (Dad pulled the ski trailer behind him - Lucky boy!)

Now I have a new little girl and with summer approaching and the sun coming out, I am looking high and low for those Baby Banz. I am worried that after the last move they were placed somewhere for safe keeping and now I will never find them in time. So, perfect timing for this giveaway. Because I had a boy first, I am obsessed with hair ribbons, flowery bows and tutus. I have read reviews on several other sites for faBOWlous. Their items are adorable! A huge selection of flowers, colors and styles. (Maybe some time in the future these great companies will let me do a review or giveaway here for them! Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Here is what they are giving away to one very lucky person:

You will win your choice of (1) Tutu, (1) Flowerd Hat, (1) Retro Banz, (1) Adventure Banz (not blinged) (1) JBanZ and (1) Sunglasses Case

They have some adorable Retro Banz... so drool worthy! My little diva would be stylin' in these. And tutus just melt my heart. So how can you get in on this? Just head over to ENTER HERE. This will end 2/26.

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