Sunday, March 14, 2010

As a member of MyBlogSpark I enjoy sharing information with you guys. I just love being able to post the latest great thing. I recently received an email asking for my help to get the word out. Don't worry, I didn't receive any compensation for this post, and have been a member for a while now. I have found some great new foods through this.

I have been a member of the General Mills´ Pssst... network for a while now and have really enjoyed the fabulous opportunities that have come with being a member. If you haven't joined yet, hurry and join now. During the week of March 22nd, Pssst... is launching MyGetTogether, a fun way to try products and sometimes new recipes in the company of good friends, giving you a real inside look at the products, providing coupons, unique giveaways or other offers. Be sure to sign up now so that you can apply to host a get together!

As a member of the network you will get a chance to try new products, provide insight and feedback to the brands, take part in cool surveys and get exclusive, behind the scenes content. From time to time you will receive samples and coupons to give out to friends and family members you think would enjoy them. I promise you, your taste buds & friends will thank you!

Do I have your attention? Want to learn more? Go to Just click the Join Now tab to become a member and get in the loop on new products. And, please keep the word of mouth going.

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