Monday, March 15, 2010

DIY Gone Bad...

So, we are still in the midst of working on the house. Today much was accomplished with the help of my in-laws! "Yay!" for help on such a big project.

The guys are still working on the kitchen cabinets. Doors were replaced and the last coat of paint was applied (I think?)... oh, well. I thought I would just start re-papering the shelves. We found a nice tan and I set to work. Um... the previous liners were foam and I quickly discovered they had been hot glued down! Yes, that is correct. Hot glued. A real mess of stringy and stretchy hot glue pieces were stuck to the wood when I pulled the liners up. And no, I can't just paper over the foam because the red check pattern would show through. So I picked at the glue by hand. Needless to say I didn't get very far. DH got me a razor blade so it should be faster better next time. Unfortunately the glue just seemed to stretch when I used the paint scraper. What a mess!

We do have a range ordered... so, we are that much closer to having a real kitchen! It is drool worthy... 5 burner gas range with a 17000 BTU burner to assist with my canning endeavors. I love the look of the center burner. Currently I end up running out of burner room too quickly. Between what I am cooking for the kiddos & my DH & I they all are used. I think this range might deserve a post all to itself. It is gorgeous... and it will be my newest baby. I can't wait to take it for a spin. It should be arriving Saturday and I can't wait. Now we still need to decide on a fridge. Sorry to say I don't get quite as excited about that one.

But, maybe best of all was the tuckered out two year old who discovered that he loves playing in the dirt! We don't currently have a yard so he hasn't had many opportunities to try his hand at excavation & mud pie production. Well, he will get his fill at the new house. He worked up quite a thirst as I trimmed the plants in the front. My Mother-in-Law was kind enough to mow the lawn so now we can really play out there.

Now it is back to the real world, the apartment and day dreaming about moving.
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