Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Our Way...

Well, thanks to my DH & my Father-In-Law painting in the new place is well on the way. The kitchen is looking fabulous! We went with a taupe on the main walls, with a tan on the cabinets and a dark brown (a rich chocolate) for the accent in the kitchen. This covered up a sickeningly cheery yellow in the kitchen and stark white walls. Just by changing the wall color, the room became warmer and more inviting -much less institutional.

There is still much to do before moving in... we still haven't purchased appliances. We are still trying to find the best deal. I doubt the appliances will match. Seems like Maytag has my heart for dishwashers (and we think the one already there works fine), and Kenmore or Amana for the refrigerator, while the range is still up in the air. It needs to be gas for the hookup, and we are searching for a high BTU burner for canning.

With all new places there are surprises. For us we found the two sliding glass doors upstairs are not sealed properly and could fall if pushed... one of the doors is actually broken. Just one pane, so it was not easy to notice right away. It is now shedding glass all over the floor. Yay. I also found the front door needs some massive weather proofing.. or replacing! The front French Doors leave a big gap underneath and don't even meet all the way. I have been sweeping and re-sweeping that entry with no luck. The dust haunts me. My toddler has found every hole, crack & unexposed wire in the place. I should loan him out for home inspections!

Well, we are working on it. Or, I should say my DH is working very hard on the house. I am working hard at occupying 2 small children. Once the fence is up this will become a little easier.

Wish us luck. I can't wait to move. Everyday our 2 BDR apartment seems to get a little smaller. This will be our chance to stretch our legs. I just dread the actual move. Ugh.
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