Friday, April 16, 2010

Dare to Go Greener! - Buy Local

Earth Day, April 22, is just around the corner and everyone is talking about how the have tried to go green. I have to admit that the earth was not always my first thought when we made changes. In many cases it was a decision to cut back on expenses or waste. Yes, going green can save you money!

I know it is hard to think of organic foods and saving money. Isn't it amazing what a premium they are sold at? Okay, I am not against organic, but I do not buy organic foods just for the sake of buying organic. Our family tries to eat local. Yes, one more thing to think about but, those organic strawberries on the store shelves out of season might have traveled a long distance. Not only does this mean they have lost nutrients and flavor, but they have left a giant carbon foot print. Yuck. That doesn't taste quite as sweet. Also, those veggies might have been picked by workers paid next to nothing and under horrible conditions. So, why not ensure a small carbon foot print and fair labor practices by buying local.

Not sure how to get started? Well, I bet if you look around there are some local farms near you. Try a google search for your area if you are not sure, or try Pick Your Own online. Find out what they have to offer. It will be fresh picked, delicious and most of all inexpensive. Even better, look for U-pick and get your whole family involved with choosing your food. My DH just recently went back to work for his family farm so this is a subject close to our hearts. Their farm grows a wide variety of produce. I know there is nothing better than eating food we just picked hours before eating... not days!

Also utilize your local farmer's market. This usually includes smaller growers in your area. I love to get fresh eggs, fresh baked bread, seasonal treats or plant starts there. Not all are labeled organic, but remember that pesticides are expensive and smaller growers will avoid them whenever possible. When you have a question about the food, ask the grower. They take great pride in what they bring to the market. Their product is their reputation so get to know them with every delicious bite.

So I hope this has inspired you to "dare to go greener" by buying local. It is good for the environment as well as your wallet. Do you buy local? What is available in your area? I would love to hear from you.

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