Friday, April 2, 2010

Dryer Fire! No More Excitement, Please!

We are moving. You know it is serious when the washer and dryer move. I can't stay in the old place too long because I have no way to do laundry. Especially cloth diapers! So it is settled, we are on the way out. No turning back.

My DH took the pair to the new house yesterday and after stopping to get a missing hose, was going to set it up last night. He was at the house late and I didn't stay up. This morning I was told, "The dryer caught fire and we need to get a new one this morning.". What?? Okay, in fairness, the dryer was 3rd hand and 11 years old. But, this was not an expense we had anticipated. At least not this week. We are still knee deep in repairs to the house! Sounds like the heating coil shattered during transport and when it was fired up (ha!) it caught fire. Just lovely!

This morning we set out early and picked out a dryer. A lovely Frigedaire front loading dryer. I can't wait to give it a good work out. And the worn out washer? It will be replaced early next week with the match. Life is good.

Now I sure hope all of our moving goes smoother from here on out!

As a fun side note, here is a pic of the original laundry room. I don't know how to describe the color to you... not a lime, not a mint... the yellowest light green imaginable. It wasn't for me.

Now it is more my style! A nice blue over white and my DH is even installing a utility sink for me!
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