Monday, April 19, 2010

Toddler Tuesdays - Let's Garden

This weekend was the perfect chance for us to get outside and start on our garden. One of the few rare warm and beautiful spring days in Oregon. A few weeks ago my MIL picked up an adorable Elmo set of tools and seeds from Home Depot. It was time to plant our seeds. A big part of my desire to have a garden has been for my kids. I think learning where their food comes from, as well as helping to grow it, is an important life lesson. My son already enjoys eating his vegetables, but I hope our garden will cause him to be even more interested in trying new things.
Well, and then there was Dad helping with a machine. My son is absolutely in love with all sorts of machines.

I look forward to our time gardening. This weekend we started sunflowers, cherry tomatoes and a few various herbs. We will have more to start soon. I think my son's favorite part was watering the pots after the seeds were planted.

Soil + Water = Mud. If you didn't know, toddler boys love mud!
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