Monday, May 31, 2010

Giveaways Going On Other Blogs - 5

So hard to keep up with all the great giveaways! Here is a couple more that I am entering.
Most of my current entries are for Annie's Home

First there is an Energizer Giveaway going on. I don't know about you, we try to buy toys for our children that are natural, simple or wooden... but, everything they are given (or I win?) seems to require multiple batteries! Yeah, we go through a ton of batteries. From our Sleep Sheep with soothing sounds for nap time to Hokey Pokey Elmo & the Cars Racetrack, they all devour batteries by the bucket load! So I will be crossing my fingers that I can alleviate some of the wallet aches through this battery giveaway. ENTER HERE. This giveaway ends 6/11.

Then check out the Salada tea Giveaway. Everyone who knows me knows that I love tea! I love all kinds, flavors and forms. From Earl Grey cookies to Green tea powder used in the tea ceremony, I love it! I have even been looking at getting my own bush for the backyard so I can grow my own. No sugar for me please, just brew it right and I will drink it. So a year's supply of tea sounds amazing! ENTER HERE. This giveaway ends 6/2.

Then head over to the Experimental Mommy

She has a great giveaway going on for one of my favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver! I would love this cookbook to add to my collection. He fueled my passion for home made pasta & really makes food fun. For a prize pack from & Jamie Oliver ENTER HERE. This giveaway ends 6/10.
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