Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So Sorry... A Bit Under The Weather

Spring has struck with a vengeance in this house! My poor little guy has been experiencing his first bad bout of allergies. The snowball effect has been pretty miserable for all of us. Starts with a stuffy nose... which leads to post nasal drip... which causes a sore throat... then comes the coughing. Add this to the pressure buildup in the head, coupled with the runny, itchy eyes leads to a little zombie boy and very tired parents.

I guess I never realized that allergies could hit little guys. I didn't start with hay fever till high school. Poor little man!

So, I am behind in my posting. I should have my meal plan up and the fabulous crescent rolls that went with dinner yesterday. So simple, you will love them. ...and don't forget the Freschetta giveaway ends tomorrow night. Good luck.
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