Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toddler Tuesdays - Take Your Son to Work

I am sure anyone with a toddler can tell you that they love to mimic their parents. My son is often in the kitchen with me during the day, but it is a special event when he goes to work with his Dad.

Most days he watched Dad, his Great Uncle & Great Grandpa out working at the shop. He also keeps a close eye on which machines go in and out. This is a machine-lovin-toddler's dream come true.

Thank goodness the tractors are much more comfortable to ride on these days.

Luckily the tractor has a great little buddy seat in it. We also have his ear protection on and then away they go!

I will be sure to have a nice tall glass of lemonade waiting for my hard working guys!

Happy Toddler Tuesday everyone! Be sure to visit Minnesota Mamma's blog for her TT post as well as a listing of other posts around the blogisphere. If you have a post, be sure to link up and let me know so I come visit you.
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