Thursday, July 8, 2010

Down on the Farm - Update

Since we moved, I haven't posted many updates on our farm life. Unfortunately, that is part of it. So many things to do, and so little time! I am constantly cooking and baking and playing with all the fresh ingredients available here. This is what we are up to in our little farm adventure.

I never imagined that happiness was quite this filthy. We have been here in the new house for over 2 months now. I guess it is time to stop calling it "new" and just call it the house. I almost don't remember what my children looked like clean during the day. My son is only "pink" and flesh colored right after his bath - with a good scrub in there! Generally he is dirty around the edges with big patches of whatever seasonal fruit is available. ...and my little girl seems to find all sorts of fresh, juicy & staining morsels to try. Today's culprit were cherries...

The strawberries are on the way out, and will be tilled under soon for next year. Cherries are on, but fading fast. So we were out picking this morning. In our trusty Radio Flyer wagon we set off for the orchard next to the house. (not a long trip... jut bumpy) And yes, we snuck a few strawberries into a tub while we were there.

And our friendly fowl? They are getting so big! No roosters so far, and they are all pretty friendly and making themselves at home., if my chickens spend their time "marinating" around my garlic & mint do you think they will have a flavor?

We are having a lot of fun in the sun, mud, and sprinkler. So glad we moved and I guess I will get used to all the dirt... eventually! Next up will be peaches. The early varieties are just starting to be ready. Yum.
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