Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Are You Better Than Ever?

Are you better than ever? How has your life changed for the better? Have you really thought about it lately? Well, now is your chance. TwitterMoms and Dove® gofresh™ are teaming up with another blogging challenge! If you haven't heard, Dove® gofresh™ just got a boost of NutriumMoisture™. The folks at Dove® feel this has taken Dove® gofresh™ from good to great. That made us wonder, what in your life has gone from good to great... what in your life is better than ever?

I don't know if this topic could have come at a better time! Well, as of today I am not battling the stomach bug anymore. Which I promise is a giant improvement on my whole outlook. Okay, but seriously there are bigger and better things to ponder.

I just posted a few minutes ago an update on our farm life adventures. My DH made a major carreer change a few months ago. He went from corporate America to small town farming. Now that is a big change for all of us! We moved into a bigger house and my kids now are addicted to the fresh air and open spaces. Not to mention all the edible fruit and veggies we have available.

We gave up our small cement pad out back for a yard, a chatty group of chickens, a swingset, garden, and more time to spend together as a family. I can hardly believe that we have done all of this since May! Crazy.

With this move towards simplicity we have found a greater sense of family and happiness. It doesn't take a lot to make us happy. We are just enjoying each and every day out here. I think the fresh air does a body good.

So what about you? I would love to hear how your life has become better than ever. And if that isn't enough, Dove® gofresh™ is also sponsoring a Dove® gofresh™ Facebook Contest Page ( You can share photos about what's "better than ever" on the Facebook contest page for a chance to win a spa weekend getaway in Sedona, AZ, and thousands of dollars worth of great prize packages from Dove® gofresh™!

Now, what could be better than that? I will keep my fingers crossed for you and I would love to hear if you win. Good Luck. If you want to blog about this and join in on the TwitterMom fun, just go to their discussion page: . There you will find more great posts on this same topic.

*Disclaimer-I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Dove® gofresh™ blogging program, making me eligible to get a $25 gift card and some product. For more information on how you can participate, click here
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