Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toddler Tuesdays - Pedaling Fun!

Welcome to another Toddler Tuesday! As my daughter is getting ready to walk I am terrified by the thought that soon, I will have 2 toddlers under one roof! Oh, help me. Well, there won't be a dull... or non-sticky moment.

This week is an ode to our new pedal tractor. At a friend's house my son was introduced to the big drivable trucks. He was so amazed! Even with a water slide, swingset and whole yard full of kids, he was fixated on the truck. Unfortunately he isn't the best at following instructions so he spend a lot of time spinning his wheels in gravel. After some discussion (...and a look at the price tag...) my DH & I decided he was old enough for something... but, maybe pedal power was more up our alley! I had horrible vision of him either running over his sister or my chickens. Saying he is a busy little boy is an understatement... (the band-aid, by the way, is testament to him being too busy to let scratches heal without help.)

And here it is. Since it is pedal powered he will need to build up strength in order to build up speed. This is much harder to mindlessly run into things. We are pretty happy with this find at our local farm supply store.

...and he loves it! He has his own tractor and he gets to work on it with his tools.

It doesn't get much better for a little boy. He can pedal it around the yard, fill the bucket up and dump it out again.

Thanks for stopping my for Toddler Tuesday. This meme was started by Minnesota Mama's. If you want to read more TT fun, or link up, just head on over to her blog.

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