Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Voodoo Doughnuts - Part 2!

Oh, by the way... they mean it!

I think I mentioned in my original Voodoo Doughnuts post that a shop was opening up 2 hours closer to home, in Eugene Oregon. We headed up there for a day of fun, sun and swimming but couldn't leave without trying a few more delicious confections from this great doughnut shop.

With their quirky theme and scarily delicious doughnut concoctions, they seem like a fabulous fit for the always interesting city of Eugene. My DH & I went to school there and enjoyed our time with all the great shopping, famous Saturday Market and cultural opportunities all year long. Plus the food! Now Voodoo Doughnuts is up there on my list.

We tried to explore a few more creations this time around. At this rate, we will still have new doughnuts to try for years! Oh, did I mention there are vegan options, too? Sweet! My DH went for a plain old maple bar, his favorite and the standard he holds all others to. You can tell they use quality ingredients because there is no overly sweet maple after taste. Then he went for the shop named Portland Cream. Happily they use a custard style filling. My favorite!

So, what did I try? Well... I am a big apple fritter fan. But, they must be done right. They should be moist, but still crispy on the outside...light with real apple chunks and flavor. But, I didn't go for an apple fritter... another fritter cousin caught my eye. They serve a mean banana fritter with chocolate & peanut butter drizzle and then topped with chopped peanuts and chocolate chips. Oh, be still my little heart! I was in fritter heaven.

So to sum our trip up. We went, we devoured and it was good. Maybe not so good for my waistline, we will be back... and now that we have a Voodoo Doughnut shop closer to home... it will also be more often. As they say, "The Magic is in the Hole".

Oh, yeah... no compensation for this post. I happily bought my own doughnuts with my own dough and will do it again! .... and again.
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