Monday, August 30, 2010

Off To a *Different* Camp Experience

This week I will be packing and preparing to go with my family to camp. We are not going camping... no, we are off to a camp. I know what you are thinking, but there will not be any smores or campfire songs. This is a camp for people and families with PKU. This metabolic disorder, or inborn error of metabolism, affects such a small portion of the population that this is often the only chance we have to meet other families living with the same issues.

Like camps for children living with diabetes or having survived cancer, this camp allows parents to share tips while children or adults with PKU, or other similar metabolic conditions, can be surrounded by people who understand. These 3 days will go by without anyone asking, "What is PKU?" or giving a second thought to the massive amounts of medical formula weighed & consumed. Food is seperate and safe. A table for all the PKUers... and a table for everyone else. Oh, and did I mention it is delicious? All of it.

I look forward to the cooking classes the most. Camp is the reason why I make things like tortillas. PKU has caused me to be more fearless in the kitchen. It is amazing what can be done with food. I really hope to come back with some new recipes up my sleeve!

I also am excited about the family time we will have. Maybe not the time spent driving to eastern Oregon with two small children (I am dreading this part already!), but the time we will all be together. Having everyone educated about he diet and lifestyle really makes things smoother.

My son? Well, he is looking forward to the pool. He is such a little water baby. He is also looking forward to learning more constellations with his Daddy. I just hope we can find some new great foods to add into our menus. He is such a picky little eater, and being on a restricted diet makes it that much more challenging!

I can't wait to share a little bit of camp with you. I hope you will indulge me a bit and let me teach you a bit about the world of metabolic disorders.
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