Monday, August 30, 2010

Party Like a Zhu Zhu!

Thanks to MomSelect, my family and our friends were able to party with the Zhu Zhu Wild Bunch. Have you seen these cute, lovable critters?

Rocco the Raccoon, Sweetie the Bunny, Stinker the Skunk, and Zu Zu the Hedgehog.

Cute, right? Well, if you have so far missed this craze, the original Zhu Zhu pets were the biggest selling toy of 2009. They are adorable pets without the hassle, feeding, cleaning (or even requiring a talk about death eventually) of a normal hamster. With unique personalities, the pets make individual noises, move and have quite the line of accessories! So, you can have your hamster city without the lingering odor of small animal.

My daughter chose Sweetie, while my son chose Zu Zu. All the the critters went fast! One toddler was just waking up from her nap when she arrived. When I mentioned that she could have her pick of the pets she woke right up and scrambled over to the pile at record speed. It was a lot of fun to see all the toys zooming around the floor talking up a storm.

The little party goers enjoyed racing them, comparing and just plain snuggling with them. Okay, how often do you see kids cuddling skunks?

These were the first Zhu Zhu pets for a few of the party goers, including my kiddos. I think we may be hooked. The kids are definitely drawn to all the movement and sounds, and the pets are a nice size for even the younger children to carry around with them. I like the fact that the pets are available for under $10. I may have to snag a few early for stocking stuffers!

I appreciate that the toys are labeled with a warning to keep them away from hair. There is a chance that they can become tangled. Of course, it is the same issue that can come up with any moving toy and long hair. Other than that, they are cute and lovable.

This year there have been several other additions to the Zhu Zhu family with Kung Zhu, the Rockstars and several new accessories. Be sure to check them out the next time you are in a store. Widely available, there is a pet to fit every child.

A big thanks again to Zhu Zhu Pets and MomSelect for the fabulous opportunity to share these great toys with all our friends. I know there is a new crew of happy Zhu Zhu owners here.

*Disclaimer - I was sent toys to give away to our friends and party ideas for throwing our Zhu Zhu party. I did not receive any monetary compensation and all opinions expressed are my own.
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