Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's Next?

Being a new Mom I was so nervous. There were so many decisions to make and products to choose from. I felt very overwhelmed, but I put my head down and tried my best to be an educated consumer. I was on discussion boards, websites, reading reviews... it could have been a full time job. And then my first curve ball came...

The first baby bottles I so carefully selected and purchased were part of the whole BPA controversy. I love how the information was released. First it was a question about how safe it really was for babies and small children, then a warning... then it was pulled from shelves. We decided to be proactive and started our purge early on. Since my children have a metabolic condition already, I am very sensitive to anything that might cause more obstacles for them. My DH and I searched high and low for alternatives and had few options. We went with Born Free bottles, and I am still a loyal customer because they have always been BPA free and have offered glass options also. We became early advocates when we learned our children's hospital got rid of all BPA... I think they are a good and prudent example to follow for our children's health. I was on a mission to rid our whole house of the offending plastics! I didn't want to conceive our next child and be exposing them to high levels of BPA if I could help it. The water purification pitcher in our fridge, plastic storage containers, cups etc. had to go. We replaced them with glass in many cases and even saved money. Mason jars are wonderful for storing most anything and with a meal sealer can be vacuum sealed between uses. We even changed how we ate... did you know BPA was used in some can liners? Tomatoes are the biggest culprits. I have been trying to can as much of our tomato products as I can - whole, sauce, paste etc.

Then the other shoe dropped... or what I thought was the other shoe. BPA was no longer deemed safe for anyone. At that point I wanted to scream I mean, really? Something so toxic for small children is okay for anyone? Of course not. I felt good that it was out of our house. We still have some plastics, but used sparingly, and we try not to heat it so it will not degrade as fast and release the offending toxins.

But, now .... have you heard? BPA, and lots of it, is used in our store receipts? I felt sick to my stomach. I tried so hard to fight the monsters I knew about, not knowing another was always there behind me. I often let my kids hold the receipt. My kids have chewed them, torn them and played as we rolled out of the grocery store. I am angry because I didn't know. I am angry because people thought it wasn't a big deal. They must not have kids. The idea that it doesn't pose a risk is just CYA. receipts come in contact with everything... our hands, pockets, food in the grocery bag, our purses and the list goes on and on.

I know I can't protect my children from everything, but I try my best to do what I can. This last revelation has left me feeling a little helpless as a mother. How do you feel about this latest BPA announcement? Have you gotten it out of your home?
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