Thursday, September 2, 2010

Did Old McDonald Make Deliveries?

I love to spend time with my family... even in unconventional ways. I mean, quality time together doesn't always have to be at home, does it?

I am sure my kids would say melons, forklifts and sunflowers are the secret ingredients to the perfect day. We headed up the road to deliver some watermelons, cantaloupes and peppers and picked up onions & peaches to bring back.

At the first stop I took the kiddos in to the produce market for a fruit snack. Apples and plums were the favorites and we enjoyed our sweet treats as we watched the expert forklift operations. This is what I call a good life lesson. I love the fact the kids will know where food comes from and even who grows it. It was a great chance to see some other farms and spend more time with Dad.
The day was enjoyable... even with the slight mechanical malfunction on the way home. After a quick stop in for a truck repair we were back on the road. I really didn't mind since the dealership was across from a Territorial Seed Company store. Yeah, I drool over seeds. Weird, huh?
So, have you taken your kids to work with you? And have you shown your local farmers some love lately?
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