Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Help Wanted:

I think our family has decided to expand... no, don't get all excited. Not that kind of an expansion. My DH has firmly said 2 kiddos is more than enough. Lol.
But, we are currently taking applications for 2 very important jobs 'round here.

Interview open to any good candidates who might be interested and a good fit for all of us. The interview panel of 4 will be conducting ongoing interviews starting Septem
ber 10th and going until the positions are filled. Please see below for each job description.

1. Pest Control Specialist - We are looking for one good mouser with experience or the potential to succeed. Room to roam out of doors, food and scratches behind ears or under the chin available upon request. Health Care provided. The ability to work well with others (other species) a must.

2. Best Friend, Security, Daycare Help - We are seeking a friend of the canine persuasion to pick up several odd jobs around the house. We would prefer a Border Collie or Australian Sheppard, though open for the best possible candidate. Long hours of fox watch required. There will be some travel benefits and health care provided.

** Yes, we are perusing the local animal shelters first. I never knew finding 2 new friends would be such a huge decision. I will post pics and info once we find some potential candidates.
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