Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Was That Mom...

Have you ever been that Mom? The Mom who's children are causing all the trouble? Oh, yeah... today I was that Mom. I was having a hard time not wanting to sink through the floor or laugh at the crazy situation.

We had to run into town during lunch, so we stopped in a McDonalds. Usually we go to the drive-thru and eat during the ride. Today my DH decided to mix things up (was this our first mistake?) and eat in the restaurant. This location has one of the huge old-school play structures. I think it is the only one like it in town. My son has asked to go in before, but I always try to distract him. I am a bit of a germaphobe and am not a fan of that place!

Today I decided to let him go in. What was I thinking? He rushed off and within 5 minutes he was upset and asking me to help him get out. He was whining and yelling loudly. Of course it was also busy in the kids' play area. My DH & I took turns trying to coax him out. It was kinda funny and pitiful all at the same time. Another little girl a year older than him tried to coax him out. My son threw a tantrum and screamed for her to go away. Finally a McDonald's worker crawled in and retrieved my son. Oh, my son was fine by the way. He said it was fun. The whole ordeal took almost an hour.

I could have sunk through the floor. We were entertainment for the lunch crowd. I guess every parent has moments like this. So, have you? I would love to commiserate with some other Moms right about now. Have you ever had a child get stuck in a play structure?
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