Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toddler Tuesday - Making It His Way

So, any ideas what will happen to this stuff? Straight from my garden it was destined for...


While we were at PKU camp my son became very interested in pizza. So much so that he asked for it for the next meal. Now, if you have a picky eater in your home you will know that was a really big deal. I was sent home with left overs, but also a desire to try making the specially modified pizzas with my toddler. Oh, yeah.... the flour dust did fly!

My son has PKU, a rare metabolic disorder, which requires a low-protein diet. Instead of flour, which has quite a bit of protein, we use a mix of wheat starch, corn starch and some other stuff only found on the back, dusty shelves of health food stores.

It was a pretty simple recipe and we added some italian seasonings and extra olive oil to the mix. It was a huge hit. Especially the decorating part!

Don't worry... even the cheese is imitation, low-pro stuff safe for my son. It does melt... eventually. But, my son loved it!

No recipe included on this one since it was low-pro. If you happen to have PKU and are interested, shoot me an email. Otherwise, I will post my favorite pizza crust recipe for regular dough soon.

Have a great Toddler Tuesday!
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