Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Caution: Hard Hats Required

I had the bright idea to try a little construction project with the kids. Now, I don't usually put things together myself. I would normally open the box, take a peak and "oo and ah" at all the peices before asking my DH to put it all together for me. Since I really couldn't wait, I decided to go ahead and try it myself.

My son was so excited! He insisted in bringing downstairs all his play tools and as I worked at fitting pieces together, he worked on double checking my work and making some "adjustments".

This particular project was the Multi-Story Dollhouse from Melissa & Doug. They ran a fabulous sale on amazon.com and we decided to use some of our daughter's birthday money to invest in her first "home".

It turned out to be a great project for the three of us. My daughter supervised and even grabbed a couple of tools herself.

Of course when my DH came home from lunch he quickly took over and finished it up. I would like to thank Melissa & Doug for making a dollhouse easy enough for even a tool novice like me to assemble.

I love the fact that both of my children are excited to play with the dollhouse. Though, I think assembly might have been the most fun we have had with it so far. We are always excited for another building project.
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