Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mamavation Monday... My First.

Hi all! This is my first of what I hope turns out to be many Mamavation Monday posts. I am pledging to the Sistahood to get myself back... back from late night snacking, back from out of control portion sizes and back from elastic in my waistband.

I have been blessed with two beautiful children who are ultimately my motivation for a healthier me. I am hoping that joining in on this rockin' Sistahood will be the push I need to stick with it. The support I crave can only be found from peers who understand where I am coming from, and who are working hard themselves. I have been up and down this roller coaster before, but I am ready to get off and back on with living my life. I want to chase my kiddos, run a marathon, and be a role model for my own daughter.

This past week I was confronted with the dreaded Halloween candy. Mmmm.... I was able to ration out the sweets, but still had other temptations. Did I mention that I love food? I don't want to ever deny myself, but need to still find the balance between enjoying it and overindulging. Do you have a candy weakness? I just adore candy corn. And am gearing up to make some this week... to give away mostly!

My other goal and challenge is exercise. With the two small kiddos I find free time at a premium. I am hoping that if I can carve out more time to get moving, I will also gain more energy. This week my goal is to dust off some of my exercise DVDs and get back onto the treadmill.

So there you have it. I pledge to stick with my weight-loss goal. I pledge to support the other sisters also along the same journey. And I pledge to be open, honest and accountable. Let's get moving!!! Be sure to check out the other ladies at

Also be sure to check out the Commit to Fit Campaign and Jared  . You know, Jared from Subway fame? He is a huge motivator for any real person trying to loose weight in the real world.
Have a great week everyone! I look forward to meeting everyone and joining this great Sistahood!
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