Thursday, October 7, 2010

Protecting your Family from the Flu this Season

Ugh... I am writing this as my head pounds and my sinuses are plugged. I hate being sick. Even though this is only a measly little cold it has knocked me down on my behind. Add to that a house with 2 sick kiddos and a sick DH (...make that 3 sick kiddos...) and illness is tough to beat.

Riddle me this, how do you rest if you need to take care of your family? And how do you take care of your family's needs when you need to rest?

Okay, this cold will be just a memory in a day or two, but the flu season is almost upon us. If a cold was this devastating to my sleep, housework, free time... I don't want to think of what my house with the flu will be like. TwitterMoms and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDRC) want to spread the word about how to prevent your family from being miserable with the flu this year. Remember, the flu can cause severe illness in the young and elderly as well as possible death. Serious stuff!

Luckily there are several simple things to help prevent getting or transmitting the flu. First off my family all gets vaccinated. I know not everyone agrees with vaccinations, but we believe it helps us. My son is very sensitive to illness, so we make sure he is vaccinated and also get our vaccinations to protect him. These shots last us the entire season and are quick and easy to get. We had both the season flu and H1N1 vaccinations to cover all the bases.

If you have an aversion to needles, try the nasal mist. We  all got the HIN1 via mist last year and it didn't have any of the usual soreness a needle shot brings. For more information on this, ask your doctor or visit

Of course don't forget the simple things like hand washing throughout the day and coughing into the inside of your elbow to cut down on transmission. If you are getting sick, stay home and rest instead of braving through. Going to work sick can not only cause your recovery to take longer, but you can also be exposing all of your coworkers.

Do you have any good tips? I know my Grandmother would have sworn by copious amounts of garlic and a healthy diet full of vitamin C. What about you? Be in the "know" by staying connected with the CDRC at any of these locations:

More info:,
Twitter: @cdcflu

If everyone followed  these simple suggestions, was vaccinated and took care not to spread the bug once infected we could lower the instances of serious flu complications. I know that I will be doing whatever I can to help my family avoid more sick days. Ugh... I can only bare a few of these a year. Either check with your family doctor or look for local flu clinics in your area to find out when the flu vaccination is offered. Take care. 

*Disclaimer - I wrote this blog post while participating in a TwitterMoms blogging program for which I may receive a small thank you (valued at less than $20)
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