Friday, November 26, 2010

We Came. We Left With Leftovers Aplenty.

I hope everyone had a fabulous turkey day! We celebrated at my in-laws with a huge spread of fabulous food... that we barely made a dent in. You can see from the counter wrapped around to the stove and all available surfaces between were plates, platters and bowls of various foods.

I will be making our own family "Thanksgiving meal" at home this weekend, since I didn't take my favorite family dishes. The holidays are kinda my In-laws thing. So different from my childhood where all family members contributed dishes for the meal. But, I did get to make a little spread for the kiddos...

I made a great low-pro bread recipe from Cook For Love's site, which I used for both their bread and bread stuffing. I also made the orange cranberry sauce again... a recipe I will share soon, and have fallen in love with. Then they had mashed potatoes and fruit salad.  I also attempted a faux dream pie for them, and that recipe will still need some tweaking. I thought all the low-pro options were yummy...

...but the kiddos were more interested in hamming it up!

They stayed true to the picky toddler reputation. I was proud of their spread and hope to get a few more recipes under my belt before Christmas.

So, how was the holiday at your house?
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