Monday, December 13, 2010

Mamavation Monday... The Power of Mom

...And now for your next Mamavation Monday installment. Behold! Our Christmas tree. Now that snow has blessed our region we are getting outside more as a family. Yes, the sun draws us, as does the snow. Call us crazy, but we just enjoy getting outside. The vitamin D does us a lot of good here in the Pacific Northwest.

So no scale shot this week. The family is all snug in their beds and I want a week off. Last week showed no movement on the scale, so mentally I will take a week break. Next week I promise to be front and center.

As for last week's goals, well I started off with a bang and made up a big batch of sauteed chard &  poached eggs over brown rice. As always, it was delicious! If brown rice isn't your thing, use any grain as a base. We also enjoy couscous.

This recipe is beyond simple! Sweat a bit of onion and garlic in a pan with olive oil. Add a cup of chicken stock or vegetarian chicken like seasoning and water. Then toss in a big bunch of torn & washed chard. It will cook down. Let it wilt a touch, then make 4 small "nest" in the chard and break an egg in the hole. Cover and let it simmer till your eggs reach desired done-ness. Scoop up an egg and chard and serve it over your desired grain. Use a little of your excess stock from the pan to pour over your rice mixture. Enjoy!

Last Week's Goals: Pilates - I did one video twice last week
Squats & Lunges - I started the week strong, but had forgotten by Thursday
New grain recipes - I used brown rice, but couldn't find a quinoa recipe that caught my interest
2 lbs by the new year - Still working on it!

New Goals: Shred- Workout 2x this week
Pilates - 3x this week
Food Challenge - Bean recipes this week
Hydration - 10 glasses a day!
Start a Food/Exercise Journal - log and record

I can do this! I don't think my goals are too difficult. I just hope I am challenging myself enough. It is hard to be my own coach. I am also kicking around the idea of applying to be a Mamavation Mom. I worry that not enough people know me, and in the end it is votes that counts. Of course I would love the extra coaching and help... as well as the accountability! Though I am not so keen on putting my weight-loss pics all over the internet. I will keep thinking about it and I know if this campaign isn't for me, there will be one for me soon.

As for Mamavation TV? No episode this week. Instead there is a HUGE twitter party going on Monday night (tonight... 12/13)  5 pm PST. Go to for more information. They will be giving away some awesome prizes including EA Sports Active 2 game sets. I am dying to get my hands on one of those! I will have my fingers crossed all day.

Have a great week everyone! I am off to decorate our Christmas tree.
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