Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pledge To Make Simple Changes

2011 is here! With that came a whole list of hopes and dreams for the future. I look forward to the beginning of the year since it always feels like a fresh start.  My focus this year is to make my life healthier and more enjoyable. Though many people put down resolutions, it is a great time to rethink areas in my life where I am not as happy. The biggest thing I want to change is my weight and activities. I know, that is a big one. With 70 lbs to lose, it would be easy to be overwhelmed and discouraged. But by making simple and small steps, I can cause a positive change in my life.

Today I made a simple step. Actually many steps, one at a time over 4 miles of  those steps. Nothing complicated, just one foot in front of the other. I pushed my stroller and I took in the clean country air. All of this brings me closer to my goal of losing that weight. That is my pledge. I will move and be active with my family in order to be healthier and happier. I will not focus on the numbers, or calories... I am only focused on moving.

My inspiration for this pledge would be the two small children in the stroller in front of me. Something about being a Mother has me wanting more out of my body. I look forward to watching them grow up, and running with them in the backyard. Being overweight those things are harder to accomplish. And often times, just downright awkward! My goal is set and I am planning on walking everyday. Walking suites me better than running because I have less problems with it. I am a weak runner and bow to shin splints and side stiches, but with walking I feel like I could go on forever.  See! There are no excuses not to take my steps for the day.

I am not sure I could do this on my own though. Besides my pint-sized cheering section I am armed with my pedometer, to track my steps as concrete proof that I am moving; as well as the RunKeeper Pro app on my droid, which gives me all kinds of fun stats like pace, time and maps my course. I can even have it automatically set it to tweet or post to my facebook wall so everyone knows I was moving. Add to this some comfy Nikes, a supportive sports bra, reflective bands and turtle fur ear warmers. They are all keeping me going in comfort, style and with an added bit of fun.

So, my question is, this year what simple changes do you want to make? Will you pledge to get moving with me?

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