Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giveaways on Other Blogs! - Healthy You Edition

Today I have a couple of exciting giveaways to tell you about that are related to health and fitness. First off, in order to look good (and I think feel good) about getting sweaty, check out:

Fit Mom in Training has a Kena Activewear giveaway where 2 readers will each win a shirt. Made of bamboo, these shirts would be an excellent after workout shirt, or even for that added motivation needed during. ENTER HERE. This giveaway ends 2/23.

And then for a giveaway I am REALLY excited about, check out:


Katie Thinks is hosting a Gruve giveaway. Have you heard of the Gruve Solution
This personal activity monitor is personalized to your specific calorie burn rate, gives you feedback on your activity level and vibrates if you become sedentary for too long. Kind of like a itty bitty personal motivator. I love hearing how users are excited to see how early in the day their Gruve turns green.  This is just the kick in the pants I have been looking for. It can track 98% of your non exercise activity giving you a better idea of how active you really are and what you need to do to burn more calories.

Just synch it up to your computer and set "Green Goals" for yourself. This is one really HOT giveaway... and I am hoping to win this one for myself, but I am sure Katie would love more entries into her giveaway. ENTER HERE. This giveaway ends 3/3.
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