Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go, Go! Power Rangers: Samurai (now on Nick)

Do you remember the Power Rangers? Better yet, did you catch the all new series premier yesterday evening on Nickelodeon?

I remember the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from my childhood... and even remember one character with a mullet? It is amazing that these characters, though ever evolving, have remained as popular with young children through the past 18 years as they have.

Power Ranger : Samurai will be moving to their new home Sundays at noon on Nick. This new cast has a new look and the cry of "Go, go Samurai!". This is the long standing series' 19th season and the network shift has also come with a martial arts infused reboot. Oh, my. I guess this dates me. Long before the move from Disney, I watched it on Fox. Not to worry, the bright colored and iconic Rangers still stand for what is right and just, as well as deliver the same cheesy, yet lovable lines. That is always a sure fire way to make young children laugh! The Rangers must master ancient Samurai Symbols of Power to harness the elements of: Fire, Water, Sky, Forrest and Earth. Villains are new, but the struggle is the same.

If you have a son, you probably cannot escape the pull of Power Rangers. The high-paced action, martial arts and bright colors appeal to young boys especially, though I think my daughter will eventually watch it too. Though I appreciate the lessons the episodes teach young viewers, it still contains violence in the fight scenes and I suggest talking to your children about it if they pick up any aggressive behaviors. In our house, we have to remind my son that his sister is NOT a villain bent on destroying the world.

Along with the new series is a launch of the emPower movement. This movement provides parents and kids with the tools they need to work together to raise healthy kids and support healthy communities. The program promotes the Power Ranger's  Core Values:

  • Standing for What's Right.
  • Teamwork & Cooperation
  • Confidence
  • Health & Physical Fitness
  • Caring & Friendship
You can find more information about the program at: http://www.powerrangers.com/empower/

Some other fun opportunities available on the emPower site include a "Ranger of the Week". Parents can nominate their child on the emPower Facebook page. Every week, a new young person will be honored for making a difference in their family, school or community and they will be featured on the site.

Also in honor of the fit and healthy Rangers, the emPower Schools campaign donated Gym Class Kits this January and February to more than 4500 participating US elementary schools. These schools are now eligible to win a donation to their physical education program. I am sure $10,000 and a Samurai Power Ranger visit would be appreciated by any school!

Okay, now those are some great reasons to get all excited for the new Power Rangers: Samurai series. Catch the next episode Sunday at noon, on Nickelodeon.

* Disclaimer - I wrote this review as a member of the One2One Network. I was given information about the emPower movement and by posting am eligible for a drawing for a gift card or Power Ranger Prize Pack. All opinions are my own, no monetary compensation was received.
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