Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mamavation Monday... Sick-Down but not Out

This week did not go as I planned. But, I guess no one plans to get sick. Early last week I came down with a stomach bug. It wiped me out and took several days to get my energy back. I couldn't get far enough away from the loo to walk, but on the upside I did get my 8+ hours of sleep each night. That also interrupted my Cinch!  5 day jump start. While I was sick I ate simply, but didn't follow the plan. So guess what? I am back. I am currently on day 2 of trying it again. I am optimistic it will be a fresh start for good things to come!

I was excited to be named Sista of the Week! It couldn't have come during a more needed time. There is something about hearing that while I was sick and lacking motivation that really helped me back. I felt like I had a high standard to live up to. So, thanks ladies! I needed that extra push.

And now the numbers...
despite being sick and not exercising as I had hoped, but...

-3.6 lbs!!!!
I am now below 200 lbs and won't be going back.

And my measurements are:
bust - 41.5 no change (1/16 - 41.5" )
waist - 41 inches (1/16 - 42.5")
hips - 46 inches (1/16 - 48")
thighs - 28 inches (1/16 - 29.5")
arms -  13.5 inches (1/16 - 14")
calves - 17 no change ( 1/16 - 17")

I consider this all a BIG success for me. This apple is whittling down and am going to keep it going strong this week, too!

This Week's Recipe Share:
Since I was sick, there wasn't much cooking going on in our house, but I did make Yogurt. If you haven't tried making it, it is pretty simple stuff. I have a Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker that I love. It is a super simple design, but my favorite feature are the glass bottles. Keep an eye out at yard sales since yogurt makers are common items people unload. I make my own yogurt to avoid added sugar & other mystery additives.

you will need:
42 oz. milk (skim or 1% are my favorites)
yogurt starter - I use Yogourmet freeze dried starter
(you can also use 6oz. of already made yogurt, make sure it has a live culture)
5 Tbsp. non-fat milk powder (optional)

Before you start make sure your maker and jars are clean. Remove caps and turn the machine on to warm up the glass jars.

Warm the milk slowly. You need it to come up to 203 degrees, but not burn. I let mine simmer at that temp for a few minutes. If the milk scorches, toss it out. It will have a burned taste. Keep you thermometer in your pan at all times and keep an eye on it.

Once you reach 203 degrees, turn off the heat and let it cool to 95 degrees. Make sure to remove any "skin" that forms on top of the milk. Or you can pass it through a sieve.  Add your starter and mix thoroughly. If you want a thicker yogurt add the non-fat milk powder at this time. Stir till it dissolves and then using a funnel, fill each jar. Place the open jars in the yogurt maker. Yes, you can make yogurt without the machine, but it is a lot more work to keep the jars at a constant warm temperature. It will take 6-8 hours. The lower the milk fat, the longer it should go for. Store your yogurt in the fridge and add your mix-ins as you eat it. Enjoy!

My DH loves his thick, and somehow, despite all my goof-ups, I finally did it! Warning: don't try to heat milk with two demanding toddlers. It could end up like my disaster...

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Question: What are you doing to keep your heart healthy?

I am tackling this with diet and exercise. I talked about it a few week's back, but as an elementary school student the American Heart Association sponsored jump rope groups after school. What I took away from that was a need to move and exercise everyday. My goal has been to walk with my children in the mornings. Right now, in my Oregon winter, it can be a challenge, but I know it is good for my health. I am also trying to lose the excess weight that is an added strain on my heart. As for diet, I am focused on whole grains, fruit & veggies, limiting saturated and trans fats (that means cutting out processed food!), as well as watching my sodium intake. Whew! That may seem like a lot, but most of it is second nature now.

So, how are you keeping your heart health?

And don't be shy to leave a comment. I love reading them.
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