Monday, February 28, 2011

Mamavation Monday ... Looking Forward

I can hardly believe that campaign 7 is coming to a close! 

Time has really been flying, and sweat has been 'a drippin'.

As I mentioned last week, after some soul searching, I decided I will be applying (again) for Mamavation Mom. I know, I swore I would last time, but I have had a change of heart. First off, I adore the current Mamavation Moms and am so glad they were chosen. They each did an amazing job and I think will continue to do so in the Sistahood. I have also enjoyed the accountability of these past weeks, but crave the professional guidance. I wish I had lost more and had learned more on this journey. I thought my DH would be against it, but he wasn't. So, here I come... naked in front of the class, yet again! (metaphorically, of course...)

Yes, this Mama has some lofty goals, but I will give them my all!

This past week was littered with illness and setbacks, but I still walked. I am more conscious of what I put into my mouth, and really want to succeed. I want to thank all my Sistas for the great love and support they have shown me. You gals are awesome.

 Sunday, yesterday, we did get up to the snow for some good old family fun! My 3 year old got his first Xcountry skis and he loves them. My daughter can travel in style with her ski trailer. Yes, you can't quite see her little face, but she is smiling!

I attempted to use RunKeeper Pro on my Droid for this also (first time I selected cross-country) and somehow it posted I went 78 miles? Ha! Looks like there are still some kinks to work out. We actually went just under 2 miles, but with my son skiing, that was awesome! I look forward to more trips as a family like this, and as my fitness level grows I hope to make the trips more challenging!

So, the moment of truth, the scale and pics for the Move it & Lose it Challenge:

Do you remember my "Before" pics? Well, here is my "After".

I still have a long way to my goal, but I am thankful to have been steadily losing. I have definitely noticed a difference in my pants, specifically my Mommy "pooch".

-1.6 pounds! Yay!

And my measurements are:
bust - 40" (1/16 - 41.5" 2/6 - 41.5" )
waist - 38 1/2"  (1/16 - 42.5" 2/6 - 41")
hips - 45.5 inches (1/16 - 48" 2/6 - 46")
thighs - 28 inches (1/16 - 29.5" 2/6 - no change)
arms -  13 inches (1/16 - 14" 2/6 - 13.5")
calves - 17 no change ( 1/16 - 17" 2/6 - no change)

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Question: How do you encourage your children to contribute to your family’s healthy lifestyle?

 I have tried my best to make it part of the normal routine. At 10 am we go on a walk. Of course that means I am pushing my kiddos in a stroller, but they are good at reminding me it is time to go for our daily walk. They always hold me accountable. In the evenings we play Wii and the only games we have are active ones. My son loves dancing with me, and it has made our family more active in the evenings.

As for food, both mine are very young, but I still try to involve them in deciding what they want to eat and then in preparing some foods. I look forward to gardening with my son this Spring. I think it will help him take a greater interest in some other leafy greens when he helps me grow them.

Honestly I look forward to when they are older and can help us plan family outings, but until then I am trying to plant the seeds of movement and being healthy in their little brains.

*Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Mamavation and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.
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