Monday, February 28, 2011

Would I Be Missed? #MarsNeedsMoms

naggidy nag. 

Some days I think this is all my children hear. I am a SAHM with two little ones I am desperately trying to keep in order. *Snort* I know, order may be subjective, but I am still doing my best to keep things clean, fun and healthy for them. This includes, time outs, naps and cleaning up when they would far rather be playing or making a mess.

March 11th is the release of  Disney's "Mars Needs Moms" and bloggers were asked what their children would miss if Mom was obducted by aliens.  So, here is my Top Ten:

1. Boo-boo kissing. Yes, Daddy can do this too, but moms have a special touch. When my husband is growing out a beard in the Winter, or isn't clean shaven my kids complain of the scruff. My little ones like to be kissed and soothed after head bonks or falls by me. I am not sure there is a good substitute, and I am happy to fill that role.

2. Snack Time.  I don't just offer an average mundane snack to my kiddos, I try to make it fun with faces and new foods and colors. And of course, I know exactly what my kiddos love to eat and when. Just call me the "Snack Whisperer".

3. Cuddles. Moms were build for cuddles. I am all soft and squishy in the right places and I am happy to sit and snuggle with my little ones for hours. From the beat of my heart, the sound of my breathing to the gentle touch of my hand rubbing their backs, I am always up for a good heart-warming cuddle.

4. Art Projects. I love breaking out the homemade modeling dough, or setting up long murals for us to design. Both of my children love showing their creativity and then proudly displaying it after. I think nurturing this creativity is one of my most important roles.

5. Dinner Projects. The kitchen is my domain. I am working with my toddler to let him help at meal time and he loves this special time with Mommy. We cook, we bake, we mix, we measure. Not only is it sharing my passion, but it is teaching my children important skills. We all get decked out with aprons and I have specail utensils just for the kiddos to use.

6. Crazy Dance Parties. This is best done during the day, or early in the morning while we are still in PJs. We have the Just Dance 2 game for our Wii, but I also love to just crank up my favorite tunes and bust a move! Both my kiddos love dancing with me and we all giggle and just move. I love the fact they are exercising, having fun and finding their own beat. This is one of the rare kooky things I do regularly with them.

7. Sing-Alongs. I know the theme song to every show my kids love! Yes, crazy, isn't it? We sing during the day, in the car and whenever it is appropriate. We also throw in some classic nursery rhymes, but we totally rock Dora, Wonder Pets and Bob the Builder. I am quite the cartoon diva!

8. Shopping Fun. I am definitely a fun shopper with the kids. We find the best deals, search for great new items and I can keep my kids smiling and giggling throughout. I think I have a major case of shop-fu.

9. Holiday Decorating. I am mama holiday in our house. It is my job to find, collect and display our holiday feelings and spirit. Whether I am MacGyver-ing some sort of homemade version or finding a simple way to achieve the look I want. I want my kids to enjoy the holiday feeling without it breaking the bank. But, I will leave no suitable wall or window behind. As a child I enjoyed coming downstairs to a festive looking house in the morning. Not just for Christmas and Halloween, but Easter and St. Patrick's Day as well. The kids love it, and I know they would miss the holiday excitement.

10. The Sound of my Voice. I think if I was abducted to Mars, my kiddos would miss the sound of my voice. It is the voice that soothes them when they don't feel well, and the soft whisper that reassures them back to sleep after a nightmare. My voice has the power to turn a worried face into a smile, stop a sibling fight, and praise an accomplishment. It is a great power to have, and I promise to only use it for good!

Okay, that is at least what I think my kiddos would miss. And what about you? Would your children miss you? ...of course they would, but why? I would love for you to share your thoughts as well.

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