Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review - Purex Complete Crystals: Softener Reinvented

I don't use liquid fabric softener. Is that weird?

The first thing that happened when I got married was my husband asked me to stop using scented fabric softeners. He wore a lot of synthetic and technical fabrics for cycling and backpacking and didn't want his materials, so painstakingly waterproofed, to be coated in residue that would hinder it's performance. So I stopped. Instead we opted for perfume free dryer sheets. I missed the fresh laundry scents... When my children were born I heard that fabric softener was not safe to use on children's sleepwear. The Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates children's sleepwear to certain flame-retardant standards, but it can be impaired by the oily residue left behind by most liquid fabric softeners.

I recently became a Purex Insider, (Yay!) and was excited to try their revolutionary new product. Are you ready for this?

Purex Complete Crystals Softener
they are 92% natural, not oil-based. Instead of coating the fabrics you are washing, they penetrate the fabric. Even better, the scents last for weeks, not just days.

I know you are thinking, crystals? What do you do with crystals?

Easy, peasy! Drop them into the drum with your wash and you are set. I was sent a sample of their Fresh Spring Waters to try, and am loving it. It is not as strong as many scented liquids I have tried in the past. My husband, who is very sensitive to perfumes and scents didn't complain about it at all.

You can also get these great new crystals in Lavender Blossom and Tropical Splash. My biggest request is that Purex releases a "Free & Clear" non-scented version of their crystals... We already love their Free & Clear laundry detergent.

I have now used the Purex Complete Crystals on my clothing, bedding and towels and haven't noticed any problems with absorbency or stubborn smells. It worked just fine in my HE washer, too. Overall I am excited about this new product, and I look forward to any more new products I will have the chance to try out as a Purex Insider. You can buy your own Purex Complete Crystals at Walmart, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Albertson's and other major retailers. If your store doesn't carry it, be sure to ask!

Stay tuned for giveaways and product news as I receive it.

*Disclaimer - I was sent a sample of the Purex Complete Crystals as well as a coupon for this product as part of the Purex Insiders program. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.
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