Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter - Bring on the Eggs!

I love holidays! As a Mother they mean so much more to me since I get to share the fun and excitement with my children. I want to make each one special for them. Since my kids are young, every year I am creating new traditions for my family. I am excited to share some of my family's favorite traditions with you from a Social Moms prompt sponsored by Universal Pictures in honor of HOP, in theaters April 1st.

This year we will be doing a variety of activities. This is the first year that we will attempt dying eggs. My son is 3 and with a lot of towels and preparation, I think we can tackle coloring our eggs. Have you seen the egg kit selection these days? As a child we dyed our eggs with the standard kit. I only remember there being one available at the drugstore. If we wanted to live on the wild side, we would use white crayons before we colored them.

Now? I waded through a whole isle of egg decorating possibilities the other week. From glitter to stencils and stickers, it is a great time to be decorating Easter eggs. I am going to start simple... some washable markers (easier on the laundry), simple egg dyes, cups and dipping spoons. Nothing fancy, but I bet it will still be magical to my children.

Since we now have a yard and grass, this year I am really looking forward to the big Easter Egg Hunt. Who doesn't love the thrill of the hunt? Give a child a bucket and set them loose. My son was a pro last year. The year before he was excited to find the eggs, but then didn't know what do with them. He tried to help his friends load up their baskets while his was still empty. This will be my daughter's first time doing it, and I am so excited to see what she thinks of it!

And then the whole day will wrap up a family dinner complete with Jell-O eggs. I remember them from my childhood. Simple, fun and yummy! I love how the best traditions are often the simplest. Served with a dollop of Cool Whip, they were a great end to a fun day. This year I will be putting a different spin on them though. I have silicone baking cups that look like terracotta pots. I am going to bake cupcakes in them and then with a Wilton grass tip, make a bed to hold each brightly colored Jell-O egg. I think it will be a fun project and presentation for this year's eggs.

My tips for Easter are:
  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Fun
  • Get Everyone Involved
I hope you have a great Easter with your family, full of great traditions and lasting memories. I would love to hear what your family is looking forward to for the holiday. I am always looking for new traditions to add in our little family.

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