Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wilton & Cupcakes Are a Good Combination!

For the past few weeks I have been taking Wilton's Decorating Basics class at my local Michael's. This week my cupcake post is just on the decorating side. This first class works with buttercream. Next month I will be taking the royal icing Flowers and Cake Design class.

I used simple vanilla bean cupcakes for this project and filled them with a Cool Whip and strawberry jam mousse.This was my first attempt at using Wilton's tip 230 for filling. Usually I cut out a cone to fill. This was definitely much faster.

I used both a thin consistency buttercream for frosting the cupcakes and the petals and a medium consistency for all of the flowers.

The cupcakes were delicious, but did not steal the show. That was reserved for the decorations!

For the base frosting (thin) I used the 1M tip with the large coupler. Starting at the outside working in, it is a fast and nice way to decorate the cupcakes. I still love my Dessert Decorator Plus for pure convenience.

We first made our Pompom flower. The illustration on Wilton's site is much prettier than mine. We created them on our Flower Nail and a square of parchment paper with tip 12 and tip 18 for practicing. I have to say that I would rather create it directly on the cupcake next time. I lost my outer ring when I attempted to transfer it over.

I think they look like firework bursts from the top! I might modify them for that purpose in the future.

Next we worked on our leaves with our thin consistency icing. Tip 352 was used, it resembles an open bird beak. Leaves were simple, but will take more practice to get them smooth and consistent.

The flowers were both drop flowers. Both the star flower and swirled flowers were easy and very pretty. The take the 2D tip. I will be making several of these ahead of time for next week's final cake project.

We also made rosettes with tip 18, shells with tip 21, and worked with tip 233 (the grass tip) to create a shaggy mum. Mine was flatter than shaggy, but I plan on practicing more with this tip for my Easter cupcakes.

I call this my Peacock cupcake. What do you think? Well, it was a lot of fun. Now I need to brainstorm ideas for my final project using a combination of these techniques. And next month? Well, I will be diving head first into Flowers and Cake Design.

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*Disclaimer - I received no compensation for this post. I signed up for the class and am sharing my experience with products I have purchased.
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