Monday, March 7, 2011

Mamavation Monday - It Has Only Just Begun...

Is it Monday already? 

Today I don't feel great, but tomorrow we are off for a family vacation and that has given me the energy to keep going. What is bothering me? Not sure. I suspect I slept on my back and my sleep apnea kept me from getting a good night sleep. I woke up with the tell-tale headache (due to lack of oxygen) and feeling less than rested. This is my last official weigh-in for the MILI challenge and I was not happy with the results, but not surprised,

 +.6 lbs.  Ack! Blech! What!!!?

Should I be shocked? No. Was I as active this past week? No. Lesson learned, time to get moving! I am applying to be a Mamavation Mom for campaign 8, and good luck to everyone else applying. It is fun, exciting and a great jump-start to set goals for your long-term weight loss. Whatever the outcome, the campaign is a great change to focus on your fitness! ...yes, I am looking forward to hazing.

In honor of my application (to follow later today), I wanted to set some goals for the interim period. I do not want to lose the progress I have made over the past 7 weeks. So here they are:
  • 8 glasses a day of Water (no soda or alcohol)
  • 1 hour of exercise (min.) a day
  • Daily Food Log & Plan my eating the day before (1500 calories a day)
  • Lose 5 lbs before campaign 8 begins
Simple? Sure. But I am sure that simple is going to get me to my ultimate goal of winning the battle of the bulge. I have never been able to plan my workouts ahead of time, but I wonder if that would help me for the week. I would love to incorporate the Top Trainers DVDs, Pilates, Walking, and Weights.

As for my emotional health, I am happy to say that we are combining our 10th wedding anniversary with a very needed family vacation and are going to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days. I think a little fun at a water park will do us all a lot of good.

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV

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Question: What are your strategies to fit everything into your busy life?  Any areas you need to work on?

I think I have to work on this daily. Some days priorities shift and the laundry goes undone, or dinner is simple. I would love to have a spotless house, but am trying to come to terms with having two busy toddlers and a husband with long work days. I can only do so much and am trying to learn to forgive myself for falling short of perfection. My biggest weakness is time out for myself to exercise. I am trying to work it into our daily schedule and not make apologies for it. Old habits are hard to break though, and I am working on this daily.

*Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Earth Footwear and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.
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