Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - I'm NOT Sick

...oh, really?

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  1. Poor kid! Hope he gets feeling better soon LOL

  2. Ok, that was totally AWESOME! He sounds just like my 3 year old Warren. Not so much about being afraid of the dr., just being adamant that something is a certain way. And I just loved when he was a bit demanding about being tucked in but then said thank you so nicely before going back to his grumpy voice. Ha! Thanks for the laugh and for stopping by!
    Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama

  3. haha sounds just like my little one did the other day. I just love how they think they can convince you they aren't sick. Poor guy just didn't want to go to the doctor's. Can't say I blame him there. :)


  4. I think that cute little boy is headstrong. :) He was NOT sick. Love how polite he was when your hubby put the blanket back on him. And he's scared of the Dr.? Sounds like my boys. His little voice is too adorable. Hope he's feeling better.

    -Tiff @Babes and Kids

  5. awww, healing hugs, little one! I feel just as miserable when they do :( thanks for your kind comments for my grandson who broke his leg.
    ~Faythe ~ GMT

  6. It's great when they try to convince you they're not sick. You have to worry when they try to convince you that the are sick!


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