Friday, May 6, 2011

Final Cake Class - Wilton Flowers & Cake Design

My second class in the Wilton Method series has finished up. I really enjoyed the Flowers & Cake Design because the royal icing flowers were fast, fabulous and easy to make up ahead of time. That was a nice feature since I am a busy Mom.

I am trying to get more sleep these days, so being able to slip in a few minutes to whip up a few roses, drop flowers or apple blossoms makes cake decorating possible for me. For everyone who asked me how I have the time... well, I make time.

Here is a basic vanilla cake with a strawberry rhubarb jam filling and a simple buttercream frosting. The wax paper strips under the cake help to keep my cake board and stand clean during the frosting process. I am a messy lady!

I made a 3 layer cake and finished decorating it in class. We still had to learn the basketweave which I wanted to add to this cake. I chose to use Wilton tip 47, the serrated side, for texture and because it added less extra frosting to the outside of my cake. We practiced with Wilton tip 21, but that seemed much thicker.

My lines were not perfectly straight, but with a little practice I will get it down. Next time I would like to tick the sides of my cake beforehand to keep my lines equally spaced. I used a combination of the flowers from previous classes to decorate the top.

Swirled Drop Flowers, the Wilton Rose and Apple blossoms around the center, with a regular shell border around the top.

Then I added more Swirled Drop Flowers and Violets to the bottom.

Overall I was happy with my first attempt. I will be enrolling for the next class in the series also, Gum Paste and Fondant. Stay tuned to see what I learn there.
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