Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mamavation Monday ... Food Fueled!

Yes, I am still losing weight and we are in week 5 for the Mamavation Mom campaign. You can see my daily food and exercise journals on, and catch up with my weekly Wednesday vlog post on

Here is my EA Sports Active 2 review & vlog post:

But, each week I am sharing some of my favorite meals that helped me along the way...

Want to see how I was fueling up?

I started my week out with a Chef's Requested steak, roasted brussel sprouts with lemon zest, a mixed green salad and a little roasted sweet potato.

Then I made spaghetti sauce (leaving out all the additives and sugar!), with 2 of my homemade meatballs, and a big salad with loads of goodies!

We enjoyed my DH's favorite warm weather meal of taco salad! I like mine with Bocca crumbles instead of ground beef. I make our own Catalina dressing and paired it all with a cup of mixed berries and cinnamon.

And lets not forget the delicious garlic yogurt chicken! Chock full of spices, yogurt, lemon juice and tons of crushed garlic, it pairs well with whole wheat couscous, steamed asparagus, and a balsamic tomato & fetta salad. I will be posting this dinner's recipe soon.

Doesn't it all look good? Oh, it was... and if it seems like a lot of food, I use a small sized plate for myself as a visual trick. I am trying to be especially careful of my protein and starch portions. Paired with lots of fresh veggies I haven't felt like I am dieting.

I hope that helps with inspiration for the week! Enjoy.
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