Monday, May 2, 2011

Giveaways on Other Blogs!

There are some great giveaways right now around the blogisphere! Check my favorites out:

first swing past Baby Loving Mama

and check out her Wilton Punch.Cut.Decorate Giveaway! Since I love cake decorating and am currently learning how to work with fondant, I am really excited about this new product. Yes, I have blogged a lot recently about my love of Wilton products, but they are fabulous for the home cake decorator, like myself.  Instead of spending $200+ on a machine and then more on stencil sets to cut out designs, this product takes a scrap-booking approach to decorating a cake. Fast and affordable, the punches look great on the finished cake photos. I love the fact the sugar sheets are only $4 apiece. This giveaway ends 5/13. You can enter HERE.


But, don't leave Baby Loving Mama until you enter her KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker Giveaway, too!

Oh, be still my heart. This is one serious waffle maker. We just love waffles in this house and I am currently looking to replace our current waffle iron. It gets used weekly, so a heavy duty model like this would be ideal. KitchenAid is already a trusted brand in our house. I adore my stand mixer, and we also have an immersion blender, food processor and standard blender of theirs. I guess you could say that food just wouldn't be made in this house without a little help from KitchenAid.

Why am I excited about this product? Well, with a hungry family of 4, this waffle maker cooks 2 huge waffles at the same time. And with my little kiddos, that means we could all eat much faster than we can now. It is non-stick... oh, so important! I also have to say it looks beautiful. Yes, I think I have a little crush on this beauty. Be sure to check out Emilie's review and enter this amazing giveaway. It ends 5/12. Enter HERE.
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