Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day! Celebrate with Cake.

Happy Father's Day!

I have been busy working on a Father's Day cake fitting for my husband.

He is a great Dad, so I decided to immortalize him in gum paste.

I know, he looks pretty good as a gum paste figure, doesn't he?

Well, my husband is a loving and active parent with two little kiddos who adore him. I hope he has a wonderful day and that he feels appreciated. Really, I couldn't get through my day without him.

This figure was pretty  easy and fun to create. I mixed a little white pre-made fondant with ready to use gum paste. I colored 4 balls; navy, brown, buttercup yellow and copper.  After working each ball, they were simple to mold. It was like playing with clay as a child.

 I used spaghetti to  secure the head and neck to the shoulders, as well as to keep on the shoes. I used the end of a spaghetti noodle dipped in black food coloring to make the eyes, and the bottom of an icing tip for the mouth imprint.

The cake is a low-protein vanilla cake for PKU, special for my children. I filled it with strawberry buttercream and a homemade strawberry filling. I made my own marshmallow fondant - which is so simple! And I decorated the outside with Wilton's new Punch, Cut, Decorate line of punches and edible sugar sheets.

The bow is also out of gum paste and fondant. I used the instructions in the Wilton fondant course, but cut my ribbons in half for a smaller bow. I also ran a rotary tool down the center of each "ribbon" to imprint it.

Yes, the cake took me a little time. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact I am a beginner. Overall, I had a blast and hope the group enjoys it as much as I did creating it.

Happy Father's Day everyone!
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