Monday, June 20, 2011

Flightless Goose - Book Review

Gilbert was like my children... "he liked to swim, and run, and fly".

...but, after an accident Gilbert had to do things differently. In the end, Gilbert's differences help save the day! This is a lovely children's story touching on the serious issues of tolerance, living with a disability and overcoming obstacles.

Both of my children have PKU, as I talk about frequently here on the blog. I am always looking for stories that will teach them about differences, self -worth and how hurtful teasing can be. I want to prepare them to handle their own obstacles with confidence.

Unlike many children's book with a serious lesson to teach, this one doesn't dwell on the negative,  use scary language or talks down to young children. It is subtle and uplifting with a vocabulary set that my oldest could understand. The author Eric D. Goodman was inspired by a real goose in Columbus Ohio that adapted to life on the ground after an accident.

My children enjoyed the watercolor illustrations by Nataliya A. Goodman. They help to put these difficult concepts into a visual children can easily understand. From pictures of the geese playing together, to Gilbert's friend Johnny, in his wheelchair talking about being different, the pictures helped keep my children engaged in the story.

I am happy to have this book in our collection and know it will help inspire discussions as my children get older. You can get your own hard cover copy through the author's site: Check out the site for news and events. You can also check out the author's blog for information about his other writing and appearances.
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