Monday, June 20, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Slowing Down Suits Me

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I decided to try to be more present and mindful during my day. I was feeling like my days were flying by and there was never enough time to accomplish anything I wanted or needed to. It really was a good thing for me to concentrate on. I was trying to banish mindless actions, eating and missing out on those special moments with my little ones. We ate well, we had fun and though the scale didn't move much, I know it was good for my soul.

The farm is finally alive! We have strawberries in the field, peas to pick and my garden is flourishing. Life is pretty good. My children are being raised surrounded by farmland, but they still have foods they won't eat. Peas have been one of those.

I absolutely love fresh shelled peas! So much sweeter and flavorful than canned (yuck!) or even frozen. The trick is to pick the day you are going to cook with them and then shell them right before cooking.

My children helped pick with me this morning, then I set them up at a little table to shell them. I opened the shells and the kids were happy to pull the juicy peas out. And you know, my little  non-pea eaters were sneaking a pea or two when they thought I wasn't looking. I also threw a handful in with their pasta for lunch. Mmmm... now they are no longer afraid of those little sweet peas.

As part of my week's goal, I found a neighbor selling fresh artichokes from their garden. Oh, they were fabulous! Let me tell you, it is almost impossible to rush eating an artichoke... all those leaves to pull off. Just a little bit of tender meat on the inside of each.
Instead of making a dipping sauce for our artichoke with butter or even mayo... I started with a Greek yogurt base. Then I added some freshly pressed garlic, fresh herbs from the garden - parsley, sage, oregano and thyme, onion powder,  It was cool and light. The perfect creamy sauce to dip our steamed artichoke in.

For the artichokes, I snip of the ends of the leaves to remove the barbs. I steam them for 20 -30 minutes depending on the size.

I rounded the meal out with Trader Joe's garden rice blend, a Chef's Requested 100 calorie steak and a salad full of chopped veggies. I was lovely.

This week I am getting back to a regular exercise program. I know that a more rigorous schedule will cause the weight to go down faster (as I learned as a Mamavation Mom). So, I am going to get back to an hour a day plus becoming accustomed to GruntStyle's 2 week challenge exercises. I can't wait for this to begin next month and want to build up my stamina. It is a crazy, but great workout!

M- bike ride/ ab workout
Tu- Jog/ Pilates
W- Top Trainers/ Treadmill
Th - Supreme 90 Day
Fr- Jog/ Top Trainers
Sat- Supreme 90 Day 
Sun- Rest Day
My 5K for my Mamavation contract is coming up next month. I am excited and just have to decide if I will be tackling it with a single or double stroller. We are busy with the growing season, so I am not sure my DH will be able to watch the children.
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Please BRAG.  What accomplishment have you done recently that brings a smile to your face?
I am proud to be a Mamavation graduate! I am stoked to have lost 30+ pounds this year and cooking from scratch and gardening in my spare time brings a smile to my face.

*Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Joggermom and I’m writing this to be entered into a yoga mat giveaway hosted by Mamavation .

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