Monday, June 13, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Being Present & Mindful

I can't pretend that the last few weeks have been easy,  but I know the problem is with me. I have been rushing through my days trying to get things done. Sleep deprived, cranky and "behind" is never a good routine to have. I also know I can't keep this all up indefinitely!

So this week I have one goal...

I am going to be present and mindful of my actions.

Shall I explain?

I need to slow down and think. I am responsible for my own actions... I am responsible for every bite that goes in my mouth and every step I take during the day(or lack thereof).  For eating this means slowing down my meals, despite two picky and demanding toddlers, chewing more, tasting my food and really thinking about what my body needs to be healthy and strong.

I will not obsess about calories or food, but I will be mindful of better choices and portions. I will care about eating a balanced meal filled with real foods I prepare myself.

For exercise this means playing more and exercising less. Last week I was not able to begin the Supreme 90 Days workout and I want to get started. I am not going to devote everyday to it, as the program is designed, because I just can't keep up with it all with that intensity. I am going to start slow and work my way up.

I will be present while playing with my children and not thinking about my never-ending "to-do" list. I will get my lunges, planks, and ab work in, but playing will include time chasing my kids at the park, riding my bike and rediscovering the jungle gym with my son.

My son is acting out a lot lately and I think we need to spend more time together. I have been brainstorming activities to do with him. He is a sweet, sensitive boy, but lately he has been more aggressive and argumentative. Yes, part of it is the age... but that isn't good enough for me. Hopefully some special time goofing off with Mommy is what he needs.

So this week I am not going to post my usual meal or workout plan. I have them, but my focus is really on getting more in touch with my actions and feeling good about them.

As for my weight?? ...
 Ugh... a gain. I didn't think it would be pretty. I have been here before... time to move to a new number (please!!)

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How often do you and your family eat meals together and get active together?

Since my DH farms right by the house, we have at least 2 meals together as a family. Most days he leaves early to start work, but we all sit down to eat lunch and dinner together everyday. Evenings are family time and with nicer weather (and longer days!) we are going on walks, bike rides or the park more often. I think childhood should be filled with active play, my goal this summer is to get out as much as possible.

*Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Sportsline and I’m writing this to be entered into a Qlip Any-where Pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation . All opinions are my own.
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