Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Squirmy Wormies & Changing Time Challenges #SlipOnHUGGIES

Have you met my children?

They can squirm, duck and evade even the most well planned of catches. Most of these evasive maneuvers take place when it is time to change their diapers. Yes, they have horrible timing for two parents just trying to cover their to speak.

Now, I am embarrassed to admit that my oldest squirming child is 3 1/2... yes, and still in diapers. My youngest and now most acrobatic kicker is my daughter, and almost 2. In fact, we recently switched to training pants because it was so much faster to put them on in a hurry. I for one am excited for Huggies to have a diaper that pulls on for that added absorbancy and ease of use.

I have always grown up calling squirmy babies and toddlers, "Squirmy Wormy", so it is natural that is how I think of my own two diapered darlings.

Okay first up is to assess the diaper situation. Yes, if you can smell it, or see it from across the room, a full diaper is a situation. Sometimes just trying to check said diaper is half the battle. No matter what my children are doing, they seem to enjoy these impromptu games of chase. I have two tactics, either I can give in to the little game of chase and corner the child in a chair or corner, scooping them up with tickles of course! Or I like to use something non-diaper related. I will ask my daughter if I can see something, or will offer her a doll, etc. This gives me just enough time to check.

I have my kids help gather the supplies needed. I keep diapers low enough they can grab while I get the wipes. I have had too many disasters with boxes of diaper wipes to have those within their reach!

The next issue I face is keeping my child still enough for the pants and diaper to come off and be changed. Now that my children are more verbal I like to either sing a song together or count. This keeps diaper changing time from being boring. Most of the time my youngest looks forward to our songs. Break out a classic like ABC's, or maybe the theme song for Bob the Builder.

Now that things are cleaned up, I like my kiddos to stand and help me putting on the slip on style diaper. It is nice to have them practice both balance and, when they can,  to put it on themselves. Great practice for those big boy or girl pants in the near future. ...And then they are off & running again!

So those are my tips! Changing time is inevitable, so why not try and make it fun? So, how do you cope with your own little "squirmy wormy"?

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