Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review & #Giveaway - Getting my Bondi Band On!

I sweat.

There. I said it. I don't glow when I run or workout. No, I just sweat.

I am not sure that sweat was ever cool, but I have found something to both make me feel 100 times cooler, and keep that nasty drippy sweat out of my eyes. Say hello to the Bondi Band headband.

Their slogan is, No Slip. No Drip. Where fashion meets function.

 Bondi Band offers other products on their site, like neck gators, towels and even ponytail hats, but I am just in love with their headbands. Made from stretchy and breathable material, there are over 1,000 to choose from.

I chose a heavy wicking headband... did I mention I sweat? The dry-tech coolmax material keeps the sweat off my forehead so I can run, ride or even do downward facing dog without my eyes burning.

 These headbands are wide in the front and taper at the back making them comfortable to wear with my hair down or in a ponytail.

Sweat is my Fat Crying

And because this Mommy looked so cool, my son had to get in on the action. Do you notice how the headband covers up a multitude of hair issues? I will be sporting this as I run my first 5K.

 Suck it up Cupcake

This seems oddly appropriate for my son, too. Bondi Band does offer child sized selections and I hope to get my son his very own soon.

Would you like to find your own Bondi Band style?

1 lucky reader can choose their own Bondi Band Headband.

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