Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zucchini is Undercover in our Spaghetti - Noodle #Recipe

I know everyone talks about adding veggies to their pasta sauce. Whether you leave in the chunks or puree away the evidence, I was tired of our plain old spaghetti. So, I saw a way to make my pasta gluten free, low protein and low carb. Sound good?

The crazy part is, using zucchini for the noodles makes it faster to serve than boiling noodles!

How does it taste? Under the red sauce the zucchini had a very mild flavor. If I wasn't looking at my plate I would have had a hard time knowing it was a squash. I think I will try it with my homemade pesto sauce next.

The texture? Using fresh zucchini, I salted it slightly and let it sweat a little. After draining the "noodles" were pliable and soft. Not exactly like traditional pasta, but very similar.

You Will Need:
1-2 large zucchini
a pinch of salt

Grab your mandolin and use the juliene setting. The zucchini doesn't even need to be cooked. Just wash it and slice off the ends.

Run it down your mandolin lengthwise. I turned my setting to 1/8", but you might like your "noodles" thinner or thicker.

I threw a little salt on the zucchini and put it in a colander as I prepared the rest of our dinner. This allowed a little excess moisture to drain. Toss these noodles with your favorite sauce and enjoy. I made a simple garden tomato sauce and sauteed a little eggplant to go with it.
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