Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Because...

Sometimes I like to post pics of our life. Just random shots taken during the day of my kids. They are the reason I stay home, the reason I don't sleep in (not that they would let me!) and a daily reason to smile...

Lately I have been struck how my son has grown. He doesn't want to sit in the stroller anymore. He wants to race, jump and explore! I am just now used to calling him a toddler, but I think it is time to call him just a kid. He will be 4 soon and makes me laugh every day.

He is stubborn, high-strung, imaginative and sensitive. I feel like his personality is really blooming right now.

And there is my baby girl. I can hardly call her that anymore though. She is a feisty and demanding toddler right now. Still a Mama's girl, she does have moments that she yells for Daddy but I am still her world.

We have noticed her laugh beginning to change and her desire to try things hands-on often has me pulling my hair out. She is still very gentle, loving and cautious. She still slides off our bed very slowly, worried about the drop.

Most days I feel like I am just chasing around after them. I am picking up, changing diapers, wiping sticky fingers and navigating their demands. They can be tough customers, I am usually taken for granted and I still don't enjoy disciplining but their touch, smile and love is worth more than I ever could have imagined before having children.

I am trying to enjoy each day we have together, but sometimes between tantrums, messes and ever changing plans it is hard.

So today, I feel very thankful for my family. I feel lucky because I love them, I love being their Mom and well, just because.
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