Monday, September 19, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Desire & Action are Different

Happy Monday everyone!

Did you have a good week? Drank your water, ate clean and got up and moved?

I think I can officially declare that I am in a rut. I know what needs to be done, but I am having a hard time prioritizing exercise and myself. It seems simple, right?

Add into the mix two willful toddlers, a towering to-do list and a severe lack of sleep and I can't seem to get out of this rut. Okay, I would love to tell you all it is rainbows and sunshine here, but I have to admit my small efforts are quickly undone and I tumble back into my rut. Not just a small dip, no, a real rut. It has become frustrating to see the scale creep backwards and my days fly by without feeling productive.

So, where are the brakes? :)

I rocked my meal plan last week and loved the new foods from the Eat Clean Diet. This week I am trying some new ones and still keeping it on the fresh, local and whole food side. So, here it is:

  • Monday - Mediterranean Stuffed Green Peppers - with cannollini beans & whole wheat couscous for meatless Mon.
  • Tuesday- Stir Fry with tofu over brown rice with egg drop soup
  • Wednesday- Crustless Broccoli Quiche, pesto rolls & salad
  • Thursday- Mushroon Quinoa Risotto, gazpacho & salad
  • Friday- Black Bean & Butternut Squash Chili - I am adapting a recipe from allyou
  • Saturday- Leftovers
  • Sunday- Family Dinner - usually a surprise!

My food goals this week are a simple back to basics...

  1. Drink 100+ oz of water
  2. Fit in my snacks!!! 6 almonds, an apple, kale chips.. I just need to get back to snacking smart.
  3. Control my portions

And on the exercise front? Well, I have the desire, but it is time to actually act. I have been keeping up with the #2weekchallenge and #100DayBurpeeChallenge but I really need more cardio and to really be pushing myself daily. I feel like I am going through the motions, but am too tired to keep my intensity up.

This week I want to get my groove on with the Wii and trying to walk. I have the new Summer Dance party for Just Dance I haven't tried out and I want to spend more time grooving with the Zumba disc also. Wish me luck!

This week I gained 2 lbs. Not surprised as I was sick and have been tired and feeling rather blah.

So first priority is sleep this week, then kicking butt in the sweat department.

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Question: How are you planning to change up your workout as summer ends?

 I hope to enjoy some normalcy in my schedule! Summer is such a busy, crazy time and with trips and all the excitement of parties we don't have a set normal routine. Okay, this mama enjoys a routine as much as the kiddos need one. I love having a time for activities, like my 10 am walk or to bed by 7:30 for the kiddos. I need to set a bedtime for myself so I can get up early and start my day off with a workout. I know it would be even better for me than my beloved cup of black coffee. 

I am also looking at getting a few new DVDs and Wii games to keep me active. I love to switch things up. Do you have any good recommendations?

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